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about me

Hi! I'm Alyssa Barrett, the creator of alora birth co. I am a registered nurse, DONA trained childbirth doula and a mother of two. I have experience in many types of birth and my hope is to help mothers have the birth they desire and deserve.  I have one daughter, Autumn Alora, and one son, Damon Oliver. Their births have changed me forever. I live in Northern Utah and am well-versed in all things women's health, fertility, nutrition and birth. My desire and drive to learn never stops.


I came into this sacred work with the hopes to teach, empower and support women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I have been honored to witness so many different women in their birth spaces and feel incredibly blessed to be able to do this work.

Why I became a doula...

Birth is unlike any other event in a woman's life and she is entitled to knowledge, authority and an incredible birth team. After giving birth to my own babies, I knew that there was nowhere else I would rather be than by other women during this incredible time. I hope to give moms and their partners all the support they are looking for. 

client testiomonials

"Alyssa really helped comfort and empower me during my daughter's home birth. She truly got in the trenches with me. She was calm and made me feel safe. I felt that she was 100% there for me! During transition, she was so encouraging and helped get me in a position that was most comfortable. I actually ended up leaning against her like a headboard until I delivered. I was beyond grateful to have her with me in such a vulnerable time."

-Denae M.

"Alyssa is an amazing doula! It was my first experince with a doula and natural birth and she did an excellent job making it a positive experience for me and my husband. I highly recommend her!!"

-Shanesa W.

"Alyssa was the best birthing partner/assistant I could've hoped for. It was my first birth, and it was long (spanned over 3 days) and HARD. She was with me through the whole thing, and even came to some of my doctors appointments with me. She taught my husband how to support me and they created the best team together. 

Alyssa used different modalities to help me feel comfortable. I especially liked the tens unit, counter-pressure, and massage. I couldn't have survived as long as I did without those.

Alyssa came weeks before my birthing time to help with any questions or concerns I had so that I felt prepared. I also felt more confident having her at the hospital because she is a nurse and knows how to advocate for her clients.

And let me just throw this out there because I believe in honest reviews. Alyssa was affordable because she believes every woman should have the support they need. She went above and beyond what I ever expected. There are expensive doulas out there....a bigger price tag does not always mean quality. You will not regret having Alyssa as your doula!"

-Jeni E.

Alyssa was our doula for our first birth and she provided an amazing experience. Throughout my pregnancy I could ask any and all questions to help ease my mind, she was very attentive to my needs along with giving me the peace of mind in knowing I was a capable of everything coming my way. We had a very seamless labor and delivery. I chose to have a medicated birth, but having Alyssa there to walk me through every step and explain everything to me was so helpful. She gave me the confidence I needed. With postpartum care she constantly checked in to make sure I was doing okay and I really appreciated the in home check in. I had a rough recovery but it was nice to know someone cared for my needs even days and weeks following the birth. My husband and I thought we would only want to have someone at our first birth to help us learn and grow from it, but it something we are wanting to consider for all future births because Alyssa was that amazing! No matter the birth-having the emotional, physical, and mental support is so needed, and Alyssa is the perfect person to provide that to anyone!

-Lexi E. 

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